Under The Underground

As Hip Hop music has become almost extinct, the New Legends

must fight to keep it, and themselves, alive.

Starring:  Edward Jackson   Gerald "Urg 7" Parrish

Brian "Middleman" Cox   Jason "G13" Richardson

Bella Pace  Mandie Dyla



A quiet first encounter between a man and woman culminates into something much darker.

Starring:  Adam Dunnells   Garrett Kirby   Veronica Von



A woman's dilemma between nightmares and reality become too much to handle.

Starring:  Ashley Kamali=Jones  Veronica Von


All Trick Or Treaters with good intentions are welcome to Enira's home come Halloween night.

Those with bad intentions....BEWARE.

Starring:  Isolina Lopez  

Harley Cunningham


Beautiful Music

h e r

The infamous Legend of La Llorona enters into modern times when 9 year old Natalia Mercado vanishes from a lakeside. 

Soup The Chemist Music Video ," Beautiful Music ", brings a feel-good vibe and inspiration.

Starring:  Lu Vasquez  Garrett Kirby  

Genia Nunez  Kristen Ortiz

Artist:  S.U.P The Chemist

Actresses:  Veronica Von Maya Moreno

Boot Camp 

"Boot Camp" chronicles the journey of URG 7 through a  time of racism of all aspects and social issues. Once kidnapped from his home, he is dropped into a surreal forest that is trying to kill him.


Artist:  M.A.X Feat. URG 7

Starring:  Gerald Parrish  Garrett Kirby

Hanief Saterfield  Paul Lotton

Shaun Battle  Thomas "Paradox" Montana

Gray (Short) 

Chase  (Doritos Spot)

A woman runs for her life from a masked man in the dark woods....until the tables are turned and she becomes the monster.

Starring:  Isolina Lopez  Shaun Battle

Gray (Feature)

A weekend planned for relaxation becomes one night of complete terror…with NO ESCAPE.


A group of strangers come together for a tour of the macabre. After a brutal mass murder occurred in 2009, a tour van now revisits the scene of the crimes for an up close look at where the killer stood, and his victims died.   Once the group arrives at their final stop of the tour, things…go…..wrong.

Starring:  Asun Ortega  Milan Epps  

Nic Montemayor  Chyna Richards  

Katia Kieling  Liana Arauz  

Shaun Battle  Tate Ammons  

Daniel Wells  Jahsy Johnson  

Lavelle Wilson  Veronica Wylie



Starring:  Gary Plummer  Mandie Dyla

Dominique Marsell  Veronica Von  

Thomas Robles  Jose Luis Casillas  

Shaun Battle Gabriel Lane  

Gerald Parrish  Naya Hamel  

Maya Moreno  Asia Julius

 Jesse Stewart II  Kennieth Barnes  



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